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Changey Falls Resort Near Kolakham

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About Neora Valley Jungle

Presence of Royal Bengal Tigers has recently been found in trap cameras. Other Mammals reported from this area are Indian leopard, five species of civet, black bear, sloth bear, golden cat, wild boar, leopard cat, goral, serow, barking deer, sambar, Himalayan flying squirrel and thar. The most exotic of all is Red Panda. Among other endangered mammalian fauna, clouded leopards are seldom seen and likely to be present in the park. There Are More Than 120 Bird Species. Like that of birds and mammalian fauna, reptilian fauna also coexists in park's ecosystem; which includes King cobra, common krait, green pit viper, blind snake, lizards etc. It is a heaven for Entomologists as well; many colorful insects such as butterflies, moths, beetles, bees, wasps, bugs and cicadas are added attractions of the valley.
Kolakham, a paradise for bird lovers and adventure seeking tourists, located an altitude of 1868M in the Kalimpong Hills of Darjeeling District, on the fringe of Neora Valley National Park. A trek of 5 KM will take to the beautiful Changey falls. It is only 8KM away from Lava & a village of belonging to the ‘Rai’ community. The Neora National Park with its dense forests is located on the tri-junction of Bhutan, Sikkim and West-Bengal. It extends from 30 m of altitude up to 3200 m on an area of only 88 square km. Though this sounds rather small, it has to be considered that due to the topographical features the surface of the Park is much larger. Neora Valley offers a unique eco-system consisting of tropical, sub-tropical, sub-temperate, and temperate vegetative systems. Rhododendron, sal, oak, bamboo, ferns etc. form the forest and a variety of orchids is found within. The National Park is home to many endangered species like the red panda, the musk deer, and the clouded leopard. In the west, there is the clear view of the Kanchenjunga. In clear weather, the snowy peaks of Kabru, Kabrudome, Kanchenjunga and Pandim stand out against the streched sky. Enthusiasts can go for a walk on the jungle trail. The chance of coming across wildlife is quite high here. A trek of 5 KM will take to the beautiful Changey falls. Cardamom is a major crop and guests can observe the processing of the fresh fruit into the roasted spice. Some villagers still know the techniques of weaving maize and paddy straw into sitting mats. They are vegan and far removed from brouhaha of bustling tourist towns of Lava and Lolegaon. Electricity is yet to reach the village and therefore the hustly bustly advanced nature killer culture is being kept away from this beautiful nature. In Kolakham (6,100 feet), during the day, the men farm (the primary crop is cardamom) or breed live-stock while children play in courtyards full of marigold, dahlia, chrysanthemum and zinnia. The lush valley and the rolling hills stretch north as far as your eye can see. In the west, they end at the foot of the Kanchenjunga. In clear weather, the snowy peaks of Kabru, Kabrudome, Kanchenjunga and Pandim stand out against the streched sky.Enthusiasts can go for a walk on the jungle trail. The chance of coming across wildlife is quite high here. A trek of 5 kms will take you to the beautiful Chhenge falls.

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Changey Falls Resort Hotels In Kolakham

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Best Place for bird watching in Neora National Park

Best Resort For Bird Watching In Neora National Park, Kolakham Hotels, Unspoilt Virgin Beauty With Majestic View Of Kunchenjunga and Three Step Changey Falls. Off Beat Destination of Kalimpong Hills Hotels.

The Changey Falls Resort

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“The Changey Falls“. The best place in West Bengal to experience unspoilt nature & enjoy a grand view of the Himalayan peaks. Best of Kolakham Hotels and perfect place for camping, bird watching, Sky watch & adventure activity. The place for photographers & solitude seekers. A landscape with mountain, waterfalls and forest. Extreme calmness with a three steps waterfall sound makes a wonderful mix of nature’s music. Amazing Khanchunjungha, stands high,  remains as a breath taking view of the background. Chirps of exotic birds like White Capped Water Redstart, Verditer Flycatcher, Niltava, Blue Fronted Redstart, Grey Treepie, Indian Robin, Blue Whistling Thrush and many more makes is paradise of bird watchers. Welcome to Changey Falls Resort at Village Dagyong. Changey Falls is a three step water fall highest altitude waterfall in North Bengal, located at a distance of 14 kms from Lava Town in Kalimpong District of West Bengal. Distance between Kolakham & Changey is about 5 KM. A 900 ft walking trail from the last motorable point will take you to Changey falls. On a moon lit night the waterfall sparkles like stars of the Sky. 
ACCOMMODATION There are several Hotels in Kolakham but Changey Falls Resort, Kolakham, is the best. It has 4 wooden cottages of double occupancy with option of 1 additional beds, with attached western style toilets. In House Family Cook for made to order food. Do not expect luxury as the walk from road to resort takes 15 minutes. Just enjoy the serene nature with scenic beauty. Mr Gablu Sherpa will be your host and will arrange your entire experience. Very cooperative and hospitable in nature he and his family own over 10 exotic resort style properties in Kalimpong Hills. 

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